What if there weren’t any Tactical Boots?

There is a saying “It Doesn’t matter how great your shoes are if you don’t accomplish anything with them”. All we can say is that everything lies within the fact of probably how you pick a perfect pair of boots.

There are a lot of tactical boots available in the online market that vary from each other in terms of functionality, usage, color, features. Whether for chasing the suspects by enforcement officials, or by firefighters to run across the burning buildings or by a standing guard or for recreation, all one needs to have are best tactical boots so that they are can do their job with more effectiveness.  Good Boots are hard to come by with variety of products available and almost all of them as good as the other, but you can get the high end gear at affordable prices by following our lead.

Top 10 Best Tactical Boots On Amazon.com

Safety and Efficiency- Two for One

A good pair of boots has a positive effect on us which directly relates to our positive outlook towards our actions and perhaps the life within.  Tactical Boots are far more versatile and resourceful that normal boots. They keep immense pain away from your feet, are highly comfortable and act as a perfect safety gear for your feet.

Getting your boots right

Finding the right tactical Boots for your feet can be quite strenuous for oneself, as one needs those boots that are quite persistent in their functionality and the user can get easily adapted to them.

Different Types of Tactical Boots

Standard Issue

They are basic reiteration of Army Boots. They are made out of Black leather that offers resistance to water and provide high toughness. Basically they are used in rough terrains as it provides exceptional foot stability. Such types of Boots are universal and are basically used for hiking purposes.

Also, called jack of all Trades as they always meets the pre-requisites provided by any person for any situation.

Military tends to be always at perfection so they always select the best of the lot. And this always meets their expectations with its performance and stability.

Jump Boots

Also know as Paratrooper Boots standard need. The Paratroopers basically want boots that reinforce the ankle area to serve the user better. Their heels should be air borne optimized and are made of rubber. They have toe caps to enhance their safety and build utmost protection.

Tanker Boots

Basically such type of boots have been designed to ca

ter the specific needs of a tank crew. There are leather straps rather than laces so there is nothing to tangle. They are also heat resistant which means no moisture no sweat. There are other features also present like steel toe guard and other metal inserts to maximize protection levels. These boots are the perfect choice if you are travelling in heavily-forested area packed with branches and tree roots. The steel reinforcements are good at handling sharp rocks that you may encounter on your journey.

Now that we know what kind of Boots we are looking for, let’s find out which ones indeed should we choose.

Maelstrom Footwear

This footwear company specializes in gender neutral shoes and footwear. Maelstrom is the technical mogul in the world of footwear, insulation, pathogen resistant material, weight distribution techniques; they have it all. Their zippers have been proven for more boot life than other. Tactical Boots and their most common application Uniform Standards is something Maelstrom is known about and that’s why it has maintained the kind of rapport among users. They’ve been promoted as the most comfortable and action ready footwear segment for enforcement professionals and civilians alike. That’s the best thing about them, that their products are not just limited to the professional usage and they’ve always been optimized for household usage in outdoor applications. Adventure Sports, Training and Fitness; you name it and they have it all.

Bates Footwear

For the love of quaint and lasting consumer confidence, Bates is one of those companies which have been in the American households since 1885. World War 1 and World 2, Vietnam and Gulf War; these boots have seen it all. They have maintained the pride of American Homeland always. With its ultra-lite series they became the first love of people in terms of light weight tactical boots and to this day they are respected and well received in the community for their durable performance. Bates Footwear are the only ones to have rolled out industry application specific footwear and work towards the safety of professionals in the civilian world. There regular innovations and regular release of latest technical updates, keeps the users aching for more.

Smith & Wesson

Primarily known in the armament and ammunition business; Smith and Wesson have been making great developments in the accessories and tactical wear as well. With their prolonged exposure to the military and enforcement standards, the kind of precision and technical might they carry in the field of manufacturing tactical boots is unmatched. The best raw material used and the best engineering out there are the exact adjectives for Smith & Wesson. Ruggedness is also the one thing that Smith & Wesson is known for. They have been known to work the best in all-weather conditions.

5.11 Tactical

The only ones to have accomplished the needs of household tactical equipment in true native context are 5.11 tactical. They are the only ones to have accomplished the kind of success in outdoor and fitness markets the same way as they have been able to reach in enforcement and tactical gear. Their price cautious approach in catering to the needs of masses has been an absolute winner for last 15 years. They also received the special commendations for revolutionizing the way women fitness and tactical gear are designed. 5.11 Tactical is specialy known for its Vaporlite Short and the ABR trainer which have been the best products out their for outdoor fitness assistance.

Under Armour

The ultimate all weather gear for tactical purpose; Under Armour has been the trust of people for footwear for a long time now. If Bates is for Enforcement professionals, Smith & Wesson is for Civilian professionals; then Under Armour is for Athletes. Started by a football player, Kevin Plank; his experience and innovation pushed the brand to reach for the standards which concurred more with the application and not the showcase of features. Until recently Cold Gear Fabric by Under Armour was footwear material which no industry participant had been able to match in terms of pathogen resistance, comfort and temperature control. They have a dedicated All Weather series which has been made specifically for extreme weather conditions and its surely something that you should look out for while choosing you tactical boots.

The Top 10 Tactical Boots at you service


Bates Men's Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sport Side-Zip Boot

Bates is a well established brand serving people since 1885, with the prominent quality and value for money. They streamline their designs according to the modern culture without comprising on its quality and value. This Classic beauty i.e Men’s Ultra – Lites 8 Inch is one of the popular styles. It is well cushioned for extra comfort and has a detachable EVA insole for best performance. The Boot is made up of durable leather and nylon with mesh lining in the base to keep your feet’s dry.

The product does not have any metallic components and has been tested and qualified as slip resistant. The piece is a Light weighted tactical boot with a flexible platform and durable Sole. It provides the Maximum Comfort and improved technology.

5.11 Tactical Women’s A.T.A.C. 8” Boot

5.11 is one of the leading brands that is built is built on core values like quality, durability and value. Over the years they have set a bar for toughness as their main focus is on safety and accuracy. This renowned beauty is highly tactical, sturdy and comfortable.  The Boot has cushioned insole for comfort with injection molded phylon midsole.

The 5.11 tactical boot high performance as it has shock mitigation system with enhanced speed and traction. The enhanced speed is catered by semi-rigid heels. Whereas this product is also Oil and Slip resistant and is very well designed and stitched. Compared to the former this product is made up of full Grain Leather and has a Polish able toe.  It has Zonal Lacing System which keeps the laces tight and rigid.

Under Armour Women's Valsetz Rts Military and Tactical Boot

Under Armour was founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank a former footballer of Maryland University. An Athletic Brand has marched into the world of tactical boots and has set standards high. They have pursued quality in footwear and have maintained their dignity since they have entered the market.  It is the symbol of quality and perseverance.

If you need more comfort when you are long hours on your feet, then this is the best choice for you.  This high quality gear provides protection to your feet in all sorts of weather conditions. They are completely water proof which is the best aspect of this boot. They are provided with Light weight TPU shank for mid foot support and TPU toe cap for extra protection, here it gains more brownie points. The piece is made up of Synthetic Leather that makes it water resistant. These are extremely comfortable and flexible that gives you incredible feel.

Danner Men’s Acadia 8” Boot

Danner has specialized in tactical Boot since 1940’s and is the most popular and oldest I the market with high quality products. It all started with 12 employees and now it’s a fully fledged organization.  

A lot of expertise is required to make this remarkable military boot.

It is a part of Danner’s premium made in American line of boots. The boot is completely polished a

ble. To reduce the weight of the boot, we combine our smooth, full-grain leather with incredibly strong 1000 Denier nylon.

The piece is 100% water proof and breathable as it is made up of GORE-TEX that ensures no water droplet, sweat or moisture is sipping in the boot. They are specifically designed for comfortably and durability. The most important point is that it has superb shock absorption capacity and rubber guarantees great traction in dry and wet places. As far as the design is considered it is more slender and narrow fit. This ensures best fit for terrain and activities that requires lot of stability. They are highly durable product and the best tactical Boot ever.

Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Boot

T8 Bifida tactical Boot can be used in a countless range of terrains and not pertaining to any specific terrain. They are highly functional having A1 level security and providing good comfort. It has been designed innovated keeping in mind all the factors related to a tactical boot.

It provides maximum traction and stability I almost all terrains with shock absorbing capacity that complements its functionality. Its durable construction caters excellent breathability and ventilation for your feet which keeps the sole away from moisture making it wet resistant.

This piece is completely suitable for amphibious environments as it can meet the needs of all users living in different environments. The products flexibility and precise shaping make it’s a steal buy.

The ones that were good enough to find place in our considerations but not in the list of top 5 tactical boots are mentioned now…

  • Smith & Wesson Footwear Men's Breach 2.0 Tactical Side Zip Boots - 8"

  • Adidas Men's GSG-9.7 Tactical Boot

  • Ryno Gear Tactical Combat Boots with CoolMax Lining (Beige)

  • Timberland Men's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

  • Tactical Research by Belleville Men's MiniMil Minimalist Boot

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Tactical Boot

  • Durability – Most important factor to be considered before buying Boots. They should b able to endure any tricky and risky situation without wear tear. Not all Boots are matching up that standard level but majority of Boots are surpassing that level.

  • Comfort – Yet another important factor to be taken into consideration while buying tactical boots. As one needs to stand and wear those boots so, one needs to take care that they re in comfort in that boot.  As they have to completely rock their performance in these boots.

  • Light Weighted – One needs to perform strenuous activities wearing these boots so they should be designed in a manner that are completely light and don’t have unnecessary weight.

  • Water Resistant – A person needs to work in all weather conditions, so the boots should be in ways that don’t get drenched in rain. It should be completely dry for the feet to have that traction and stability on ground.

The Products listed above are as per the best of the standard abilities they meet. Go through them and make a choice wisely. It will truly benefit you and help you in buying them. One needs to have proper understanding of their requirements and needs and as per them should be able to devise a perfect decision.