Best 5 Tactical Crossbows: Best Performance Review 2018

For the game of it: Crossbows and Accessories

Hunting perhaps is more niche than it’s perceived, not only because of the variety of prey and that of hunting grounds. It’s because of the kind of equipment variety one gets to use for the sport. Shooting that farthest and fastest doe is something that can only come from an expert user of fine crossbows. Scopes, bows, pouch, all come later but a crossbow is the one thing a hunter cannot do without.

Not just Hunting Equipment

Obviously we love crossbows for simple reasons of them being silent self-defense equipment and because of their immunity to anti-second amendment movement. Buying one off the internet is sure way to get the good equipment at best prices and that’s the reason why we tested some to provide you some of of the best options of 2018 for buying tactical crossbows.

List of Top 5 Tactical Crossbows: Critics choice 2018

CenterPoint Sniper 370- Crossbow Package

Safety first! That’s what we’ve always said and with the fail safe mechanisms of Sniper 370 you can rest assured about being safe. Auto-Safety trigger and Anti-Dry fire mechanisms of this crossbow keep the ill-intentioned and ill-aimed shots at bay. The quad limbs supported by CNC Cam system make this the most precise shooting equipment we’ve come across in a long time. The top speed of 370fps (Feet per second) is another feature to look out for; no-one gives that with the kind of safety features Sniper-370 has. Pick this one for safety and speed.

Southland Archery Supply SAS Crusher 150lbs Tactical Crossbow

Length of a tactical crossbow should reflect the term tactical. With 33” length Crusher 150 is an ergonomic treat to the hunter. Fits great between the arms and adjusts well in sync with the high 150 pound powers storke. The Weaver rail mechanism they provide is the best in class that we’ve found, most seamless and durable. Now for all those providers who’d claim strength of limbs from their composite make, we’ve got with Crusher 150 Compression Fiberglass Moulded limbs which make them light as feather and sturdy as rock. Choose this one for the ease of operation, the best games are caught with precision not speed and that’s where Southlan Archery scores with its SAS Crusher Crossbow.

Bruin Ambush 370 Crossbow Package

Continuing the ease of usage narrative, more seasoned hunters look for least baggy and basic crossbows which do the ‘job’. But with the specializations provided by crossbows of today that simplicity is hard to come by. Ambush 370 has a detachable quiver, adjustable butt stock, and exchangeable retention springs (for better traction of draw). These little provisions have been tested and found to be most conclusive in providing the best tactical support to the hunters and enhance their performance. Choose this is you’re more of an efficient hunter than an impulsive one.

Wizard Archery 150lbs Short Stock Hunting Crossbow with 4x20 Scope

For more subtle practicing and relatively new hunters in training, Wizard Archery toned down things a bit without alienating the users from the more real time experiences of crossbow hunting. At 150 pounds of draw force this one is best choice a beginner could stumbleupon. Besides the auto safety mechanisms of adult type crossbow units makes this the perfect pick to ease transition from beginner to professional hunting. For household safety as well this can be a better device than the more damaging versions of tactical crossbows. Choose this for the sleek design and humble operating mechanism for your crossbow circuit training sessions.

Barnett 78128 Whitetail Hunter II 350 FPS Crossbow, Realtree Xtra, Left/Right

If there was ever an option that you could pick with your eyes closed; it’s Barnett; the industry leaders of Crossbow Equipment. They use the lightest riser in trade with magnesium parts and metal injection moulding trigger. So much for the non rubbing parts, the latch and seer of this crossbow which hold the arrows/darts; allow for them to hang free floating to create a very smooth motion at trigger. Less recoil, no friction, and surety of shot alignment. Very short assembly procedure and a versatile Release Xtra pattern mechanism to support the strength of your bowstring for the better part of the season; and then some. Go for it if you’re a tech driven hunter, if you like to be sure before making that perfect shot.

Getting things done the right way: Crossbow Hunting

Crossbow hunting is all about precision and attitude of user. Both of them are set right the moment a professional lays his/her hands on a professional set of crossbow. Our picks have been tested for proven performance; and picking from the options above ensures your chances of getting those fast games. Visit us for more details on how to get the best accessories for Crossbow Hunting.

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