Top 5 Best Tactical Belts

A good tactical belt will do more than just hold up your pants. Tactical belts are normally thicker and stiffer than normal belts because they are designed to hold up both guns and pants. The belt should not stretch or sag when a weapon is attached to it.

There are several things to take into consideration when making your belt purchase, namely width, buckle, material and rigidity of the belt.

Typically, tactical belts are slightly wider than regular belts so that they can support things such as guns which will hang off them. It is important that the buckle is a quick-release system, and that the material does not stretch or twist with age.

There are many reasons for buying a tactical belt, but the best tactical belts are a combination of style, comfort and function. Here we have reviewed the top five best tactical belts for you.

1. Fairwin Military style Tactical Belt

The quick release buckle releases in less than a second, making the belt ideal for many tactical activities. The belt buckle is made of heavy-duty metal and is perfect for outdoor activities and military training.

The belt itself is made of high-quality nylon, high-strength, and fast-dry fabric which is breathable and comfortable to wear.

The quick release function works smoothly every time y pushing down two tabs at the same time. If only one tab is pushed down the connection will still hold firmly and can be quickly re-locked.

The belt is 1.5” wide and fits waists of 36”-42”, comes with a 2-year warranty and 60-day hassle free return, making this one of the bets tactical belts on the market.

2. JASGOOD Men's Nylon Military Style Tactical Belt

The belt is made of breathable fabric for extra comfort. You will find that sweat evaporates quickly and the belt remains flexible.

The unique buckle design means that the belt can be worn with smart attire as well as outdoor clothing. The length of the belt is 49.2” so fits waists of less than 40” comfortably. The buckle is 2.7” in length.

One feature which makes this one of the top 5 best tactical belts is that it can take a weight of up to 500kg, making it a good item to have it you need to rescue someone or brace anything.

3. Mgear Tactical Belt

This belt has many added features such as the coin knife which is included. The fabric is carbon fibre and textured with a Holstex buckle. The nylon webbing is very strong quality and 38mm thick. The belt comes with an end keeper which can be placed at the end after fitting.

The buckle mechanism makes use of strong magnets to secure and lock the buckle together. The buckle opens smoothly and very rapidly every time. Releasing the buckle can be done with one hand.

The belt wears well, does not shrink or twist, and looks smart enough to wear casually, placing this belt among the best tactical belts around.

4. Fairwin Men's Military Tactical Belt

This belt comes long enough to fit waists size of up to 50” although it can be trimmed down to shorter sizes. The belt width is 1.5”.

The buckle is made from YKK plastic/metal combination which is airport friendly as well as being stylish.

The fabric is quick drying and sturdy, made from high-strength nylon material and is breathable for extra comfort.

This is a very practical belt, perfect for any outdoor activities such as camping, climbing, fishing and field training, and along with a 2-year warranty is one of the best tactical belts on the market.

5. Aiduy Tactical Heavy-Duty Military Style Belts

This belt is durable and strong enough for most tactical activities, including military ones. The fabric is 1000D nylon and comes with mole webbing to support holsters and pouches.

The belt is lightweight and low profile so perfect for concealing. It can be worn all day long comfortably. The belt is designed to be used as a gun/shooter belt as well as for casual use, while making use of D-rings which will not come apart under load.

You will find that the belt performs well and is dirt resistant, making it one of the best conceal carry belts on the market.


Once you have decided what you will use your tactical belt for you will need to consider how the belt is made. Choosing a tactical belt that is wider than what you may normally wear means you will be able to carry heavier things from it. Whatever you plan to use your tactical belt for, we think that you will find the perfect one from the top five best tactical belts we have reviewed here.

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