Top 5 Best Tactical Gloves

When choosing tactical gloves, it is important that you select gloves which are suitable for your purpose. Tactical gloves have been designed to meet the requirements of the military and to provide the best protection against a vast range of threats. Because of the nature of the activity, tactical gloves should be hard-wearing and impact resistant while still allowing movement.

Tactical gloves can be divided into three categories, namely all snipers’ gloves, all terrain gloves,

and needlestick gloves, which are most commonly used by police on drug raids. You should be sure to buy gloves which are suited to your purpose.

There are many tactical gloves available, and sometimes it may be difficult to know where to start so here we have reviewed the top five best tactical gloves for you.

1. Oakley Mens Factory Lite Tactical Glove

Just as with other products in their range such as sunglasses, apparel, and footwear, Oakley provides products which are professional and of exceptional quality. These tactical gloves are of lightweight ribspan construction which makes for better mobility.

You will find that the index panel is compression molded for extra protection and easier movement while the palms are ventilated AX suede for better abrasion resistance.

The gloves have an extra panel on the thumb knuckles giving added protection from slide/hammer and they are touch screen compatible. The wrist closure is cuffless to ensure a good fit, making this one of the best tactical gloves for the money.

2. Mechanix Wear - Original Covert Tactical Gloves

You will find that the microfiber extends the life of the glove, and also helps to make it breathable. The TrekDry molds to the back of the hand and makes for a superb fit. Dexterity is superior to many other gloves because of the seamless single layer at the palms.

You will see that the gloves are made with a thermal plastic rubber closure, and hook and loop to ensure a better fit.

For easy storage the gloves come with a nylon web loop, so you need never lose a glove again. The gloves are machine washable and hold their shape after every wash. For the best tactical shooting gloves, you will look a long way to find a better product.

3. Ironclad EXOT-PBLK-04-L Tactical Operator Pro Glove

These gloves have a unique ergonomical design. You will see that the palm is made from leather with a flexible neoprene/spandex shell for additional comfort.

The gloves are manufactured using the exclusive 16-point measurement system. This allows for perfect fit and comfort. This also means a less bulky glove.

There is a terry cloth on the back of the glove which can be used to wipe away sweat so helping to keep you focused on the task at hand. The gloves close with a TPR hook and loop.

When needed, the gloves can simply be tossed into the washer to clean. They do not shrink or dry out.

Because of the great fit and construction, you will find that these are one of the best tactical gloves for shooting, as well as many other sports.

4. ESGLS Tactical Gloves

These are heavy duty gloves which are well-made and durable. They will protect hands from abrasion in any sport which demands the best protection.

You will notice that the gloves are made of conductive fabric which increases dexterity, allowing you to touch screens easily with both thumb and middle fingers.

The gloves deliver a snug fit into the palm and around the fingers and wrap tightly around the wrist with Velcro. The gloves are not bulky or stiff.

Because of the fabric which they are made from, these gloves are among the best tactical gloves for cold weather, as well as being perfect for all outdoor sports such as camping, hunting and shooting in all seasons. Ruggedly built with padding and double stitching makes this one of the best tactical gloves on the market.

5. K-mover Tactical Fingerless Gloves

You will find that these gloves are not only comfortable but high-quality, delivering protection while working or playing.

There is an adjustable strap at the wrist for extra protection and better fit, while the palms are re-enforced to protect against abrasion.

The gloves are fingerless, breathable and hard wearing, suitable for most outdoor sports. They are double stitched for extra durability and easy to put on and take off.


Once you have decided what you need your tactical gloves for, you should find a pair that provide not only comfort and support but are also strong and durable. We think that you will find the right pair of gloves from our selection of the top five best tactical gloves.

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