Top 5 Best Tactical Pens

Modern tactical pens are really a combination of two things, namely a normal pen, and one that can be used as a self-defence weapon. The origins of tactical pens are not clear, although one theory is that they were developed by Grand master Takayuki Kubotan in 1070 as a ‘spike on a keychain’.

Regardless of where they started, tactical pens should serve as instruments that can at least deliver a very painful prod to an attacker. These pens are non-threatening and look very much like regular pens. If you intend to buy a tactical pen, then be sure to carry it with you. It is useless sitting on your desk at home. These pens are designed to be carried in your pocket or purse, in fact, they can be carried almost anywhere.

Don’t expect your tactical pen to work the same as your regular pen. Tactical pens are designed to be rugged and last. Fountain pens are not. Never expect your regular plastic pen to be able to do the same as a tactical pen, it simply will not perform as you expect it to.

You will find many different types of tactical pen on the market, and it may be difficult making the right choice, so here we have reviewed the top five best tactical pens for you.

1. TACRAY Tactical Pen for Self Defence

This pen is made of genuine Ti-6AL-4V Titanium Alloy and is meant to last. The pen comes with a tungsten steel tip for extra strength. The tungsten is extra hard and tapered. The pen can be used as a glass breaker as well as for defence.

You will see that the surface of the pen is colourful to appear like a regular pen, although the oxidation treated body ensures the pen is sturdy and durable.

The pen is the same weight and size as a normal pen, easy to carry, and – better still – easy to take with you through security, which makes this one of the best tactical pens on the market.

2. TACTICAL SHIELD - Self Defence Tactical Pen

This may look like a normal pen that you would use to write anything down with, but do not be fooled. This pen does a whole lot more! The pen comes with a tungsten steel glass breaker should you need to break any windows. Particularly handy if a pet is locked inside a car.

The tip of the pen is ultra-sensitive so can be used on screens of digital devices without any scratches. Not only can you break windows, the pen is also equipped with a bottle opener, hexagon wrench, screwdriver, scraper, and serrated edge.

The pen comes with two extra cartridges, should you run out of ink. With all the added features on this pen, you will find that it ranks as one of the best tactical pens you can buy.

3. Valtcan Defender Titanium Tactical Pen

This is the Survivor Edition of the pen and comes with several tools built in. You will find a slotted screwdriver, Allen key socket, whistle, bottle opener, glass breaker, and regular pen.

The barrel as well as the cap are made from Titanium, with the body carved from CNC milled titanium. The pen comes with two extra refills. You will find it easy to carry this pen with you when you go camping, hiking and on any other outdoor activities. The pen measures 6.1” and easily fits into a pocket or purse, making it one of the best tactical pens on the market.

4. TPX33 Tactical pen, by Mecarmy

This tactical pen is made from TC4 titanium shell and comes with a permanent colour which is scratch and corrosion resistant. You will find that the anti-roll convex/concave shell makes for a comfortable grip.

The pen is elegant to be carried with you every day and is truly an exquisite design which can be used with smart as well as casual wear. The pen has a specially designed cap which lets you attach it to a chain or lanyard if needed.

Considering that this is a tactical pen, it delivers elegance and class, and is one of the best and most popular tactical pens you will find.

5. Tactical Pen Self Defence Tool for Survival

This pen takes personal protection to the next level. You will find the pen slim and small enough to easily fit into your hand. The pen delivers a sharp point, making it an effective and discreet weapon.

The pen comes with a glass breaker, bright LED flashlight, screwdriver, hex wrench, scraper, bottle opener as well as a solid writing pen.

The fact that this pen is so compact and small means that it can be carried by a lady with small hands as well as anyone with larger hands, making it a great personal defence weapon, and also making it one of the best tactical pens you can buy.


No matter what size and shape of tactical pen you need, we think that you will find the perfect pen here from these reviews of the top five best tactical pens.

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