Top 5 Choice of Best Tactical Vests

Tactical or James Bond: Vests not always for weapons training

Tactical Vests are presumably considered to only benefit the enforcement officials, but in recent times they’ve found great applications among the common masses as well. Most of us have misjudged the tactical vests with bullet-proof vests and that’s the thing we look for; when we enter that store. Many adventure sport enthusiasts, real estate constructions workers and even children have found them to be useful based on situational needs. Why would anyone miss the chance of loading all handy accessories on them and leave the baggage at home?

Vests for Common Civilian Usage

Based on the popular demand of users, we’ve audited various tactical vest providers/sellers and manufacturers to provide you a concise list of Best Tactical Vests for Adult usage. Without waiting anymore let’s go through the list…

Best 5 Tactical Vests out there for Common Usage

Yakeda Tactical CS Field Combat Training Vest

When have we ever been able to escape prejudices; obviously the first pick was going to be a combat training vest. ‘Fit-Custom’; one word for Yakeda Tactical CS Vest. From waist size to shoulder caps, everything is adjustable from double plus size to slim fit and that helps a lot between multiple users. The holster and other pouches are adjustable to ambidextrous positions; and that’ a major relief. The Rear Double ply mesh can accomodate for a hydration bladder as well. With detachable pouches this one offers load-shedding as well for light-weight swift movement. Checks all boxes of tactical combat vest and comes for a pocket friendly price, pick this one for obvious reasons.

Humvee Nylon Combat Vest with Safety Zipper

This one’s is for the simple needs of being functional first and anything else later. The Lightest Tactical vest around, this one fits 3XL size but variations are available for children and L/XL/2XL sizes as well. The all weather nylon makes it a perfect partner for hot/humid/cold environments. The breathable mesh in upper region allows for more comfort and the provision of everything from D-rings to snap epaulets and wallet pockets, make for a comfortable tactical apparel. At only 21oz and available option of olive drab, grab this one for the highest comfort among all tactical vests.

RUNFast/Max Pro Weighted Vest

Ever wanted a multi-purpose vest that could help in your workout and keep a tab on your operational needs as well. The Run Max Pro Weighted Vest is a combination of normal tactical vest and weight training vest. It has got almost 12 pockets for mobile phone, water bottle (16oz) to flashlight and tools along with detachable weight pouches. One can easily use the vest as required in gym and in common daily usage as well, no need to even take it off. The vest material is breathable and allows for sweat absorption as well. Pick this one for the extra benefit and a little urban styling as well.

GZ XINXING 100% Full Refund Assurance Tactical Airsoft Vest

Perhaps the tactical vest with the longest life across the globe for civilian usage. Highest grade of 600D Encryption Polyester is almost wear proof and has an active product life of 10 years at least. 16 pouches and air pockets, with 3 detachable and 3 adjustable pouches. Absolute perfect vest for hunting, fishing and bird watching outings, because of the strips that accomodate camouflage material. GZ Xinxing migth be a Chinese business but each vest is home made by proud Americans and that’s why it is even trusted by State PDs for training exercises.

GLORYFIRE Tactical Vest Adjustable Lightweight

While the rest of them use maximum 600D Nylon for outer material gloryfire has been using 1000D Polyester making it the most sturdy tactical vest of all time. It’s got a map pouch as well in front which can double up as a document keeper as well. Besides this the heavy duty webbing for anti-slip and wear-resistant shoulder straps makes it the more reliable vest to last through your age. It’s adjustable Cummerbund is like a wide waist strap with deep pockets and mesh lining. Gloryfire didn’t go into fancy features, and kept things simple by concentrating on adjustability of pockets and fit sizing of user. Pick this one for cost effective solution to your tactical vest needs.

Some suggestions for using Tactical Vests

Vests should be most comfortable, customizable, functional and durable; and given the proficiency of our choices you won’t have to worry about any of these considerations. Clean them regularly, not by washing as such; and use them for specific applications only (when they’re needed); that’s how you ensure they last well and help you all the way. Make sure you don’t load pockets beyond limits and keep visiting our website for more such information on outdoor tactical equipment guides. We keep posting test results of our audits and reviews run by experts for various tactical product lines. Good Luck!

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